Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Figgy Pudding D9P My Way

I need to stop saying how much I love my own quilts. Sounds a little too self serving maybe? But then again I haven't posted the 'other' quilts yet. The ones that I don't really love. I am having a hard time saying I don't like them now that they are finished. I put too much work into them to not like them. But the reality is, some I just don't. But this one, this one I love.

It started with the disappearing 9-patch tutorial for a table runner at p.s. i quilt and a charm pack of Figgy Pudding. I made the 4 big 9 patches. And cut them up. And then - yuck. I didn't like any version of putting them all back together. Too scrappy for me. There really is a theme developing here that I have hard time with scrappy. I like a little more order and reason to things. (Not that you could tell that at all from the state of my house. Maybe it is a compensation thing.) So white sashing to the rescue.

And then I started adding borders. I did not really have a plan other than I wanted to end with a border using the other charm pack I had. So I would audition something and stand on top of my dining table to see how it looked. Make a little tweak, stand back up on the table, and so on. The goal was to fill the space until I used the charm pack and it would be the perfect size. Even squares all the way around, no trimming. Shouldn't be that hard, right? I have to admit that the borders did not go as easily as I thought they would. I invariable ended up with the wrong size of something. I had all the math figured out and voila! I was totally wrong. Quilt math seems to kick my butt. And I don't understand it because I am usually good at math. Maybe I underestimate how tricky it really is so it kicks my rear to teach me a lesson for judging.

This one I quilted myself as well. Straight lines on the diagonal. Turned out much easier than I had thought. And I pieced the back as well. I did it a little off center, using up all the yardage I had, but it is not quite off center enough. Know what I mean? It is not quite off enough to look intentionally, just like you kind of messed up. But that is okay. Know why? Because I love this quilt. Yay me.

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