Thursday, March 31, 2011

My REALLY BIG DEAL Cathedral Window pillow

I made a Cathedral Window pillow. This is a big deal people. A really big deal.

My usual rationale for making a specific quilt is along the lines of - oh, that looks easy enough, I think I could do that, or I try to make up something similar that I think will be easy and invariably is not because I am making it up as I go.

So to decide, knowingly, to do something difficult, or at least difficult looking, was a bit daunting. But it is totally cool. I made it for my mom. (Isn't it funny that I still make things for my mom because, you know, she has to love it cuz her kid made it. Not that I wouldn't make things for my mom anyhow, but when I do I get that ego boost I need. Works every time.)

I really love it. And, of course, I learned a lot as I did it. In this instance it was my not quite accurate ironing that set the tone for the rest of it. But I did overcome. And that fantastic design element of the buttons, in just the right color, adding depth and texture, at the intersections had nothing to with covering up some not quite exactness. Nothing at all.

So as I was feeling the high of completion I made the comment that I never needed to do another one of those, I could cross it off my list. And my mother-in-law sighed a heavy sigh. So maybe one more......

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