Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Town Square in my living room

This is one of the quilts I did at Friday Night Valet sewing out at the Cottage. I think it is called Town Square. I tried to match my living room colors. And I guess it does. I am just not really thrilled with it. I don't know why. It is a functional quilt, looks okay in the room, but not really my style. But I am not sure why. I loved the sample the shop did, and the image on the pattern itself. But then I struggled with fabric choices (nothing new there)- and I only needed 5. Some of our other quilts have needed 12-18 different fabrics - and that is just overload for me. I think the issue may have been trying to make this work in my living room. The colors I like in quilts are not those that are in my living space. But I love the colors of my living space. Or maybe it was trying to fit those into this particular pattern. Oh well, it was a great experience. And I do keep learning.

I guess that is the interesting thing about Friday Night. The Cottage picks the pattern and you get to pick the fabric. I learn something every time I go, and I love that it is dedicated time to sew and visit; just-for-me time. But the projects they pick may not always be a pattern I would choose. Still, I love to go. And I love to have a finished quilt. Donna Levesque quilted it for me. Which is a good thing, otherwise it would still be sitting there like a few others I have decided to try myself.

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