Saturday, May 15, 2010

Super Easy Super Sized Nine-patch

I ran across this pattern on someone's site. I wish could remember who. This was before I had a blog. Before I knew to a) write it down so you could make the correct references, credit and links and b) write it down because you still have mommy brain and forget everything. It is very easy!(The pattern is easy, writing things down is obviously not easy.)

The original pattern is on the Quiltmaker website. You can download it from there. It calls for three yards of fabric, two cuts, switch the fabrics around and you end up with three tops. I used just two yards of fabric and I used flannel and made it into a rag quilt. A few times. Very very very fast.

The original blog I read mentioned that they had used this for one of their sit and sew days with her guild for donation quilts. That is a fabulous idea.

Dang it. There are those wrinkles again. Maybe I should rename this to "Come see all of my projects with wrinkles" blog. Or "I am too lazy to iron anything before I put it out there for all to see" blog. More likely, "What the hell was I thinking" blog. Oh well, 'tis me.

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