Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rag Quilt Love

I should ammend that to say Rag Quilt Dye Cutter Love. Another Christmas gift I made, this one for my (husband's) first cousin once removed. Hah. That is a cousin's kid. She and her sister live with her Grandma, the aforementioned Aunt-in-Law. (Argh - saga, family yucks, etc.) But the blanket is super cute!

I do like rag quilts, but I don't like the cutting. Duh, most people don't. One of the stores near me has one of those accu cutter thingys with a 10" fringe cut square. You rent the machine for like $5 an hour. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY I COULD GET CUT IN 1 HOUR? Gobs! And the fringe is longer, skinnier and much more consistent than I could ever do. Then you whip that puppy up in less than an hour of sewing time. Just love it. Need to do more of these. On my list...

(That seems to be my new mantra, On my list.... And I really do have one, in my head, of all the things I want to do. I think I need to put it down on paper somewhere. Or maybe on this blog somewhere. Yep. Look for it soon.)

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