Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I won, I won, I can't believe I won

Seriously, I won a t-shirt from The Bitchy Stitcher. You are going to love this.

"Don't Drink and Quilt"

I really don't enter that many giveaways so this was pretty exciting. And seeing my blog name out in the ether kind of freaked me out at first. I was confused and then clarity dawned. I won!

Let me tell you. This is one blog you want to follow. Megan is hysterical. And really funny too. I think one of my favorite posts is this one that defines some key quilting definitions. As an example:

Quarter Inch Seam, Accurate – What quilt books and patterns are always harping on, like the world’s gonna end if your seam is a little off.

That is one of my favorites because of my casual relationship with the 1/4" seam. I am sure that others will resonate with each of you. (I can't believe I picked just one. They all make me laugh.)

Thank you Bitchy Stitcher!!! I shall wear your shirt with pride, as long it fits, and doesn't show the shlub, and covers my....naw, I'll just wear it.

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