Monday, April 12, 2010

Beautiful eggs - wish I had seen this a few weeks ago....

Oh my gosh! These are beautiful! You have to go see. They are Silk-Dyed Eggs {aka TIE-Dyed!} at Our Best Bites.

I first saw them at Count it *all* Joy as I was just browsing around. Wow - so cool. Hers are beautiful. I am off to find photos of more that I can drool over and be inspired by, but needed to share first. Isn't the internet wonderful?

Good thing I have 18 blown eggs that we didn't decorate this year. All I need now are the ties. I am off to thrift!

(I really want to post photos here instead of sending you off, but I don't feel right about stealing someone's photo to do it. So please, go to the links. You'll love them.)

The 'net really is great. I mean, think about it. I started out the evening just poking around, looking here and there. Enjoying, but really more like killing time. And then Bam - I run across this page of awesomeness. I am totally inspired. My heart is racing a bit. My mind is spinning on when I can tackle this project. My hopes are up that it will turn out to be beautiful. I am excited! Love it!

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