Thursday, May 23, 2013

The good side of rain.

We have been riding our bike to school recently. Or rather, I have been riding the bike and bug sits on the seat on the back. And it is ALL UP HILL on the way to school. It's good for me, right?

The other day it was starting to spit a little on our way to school. Bug first said something along the lines of being disappointed it was raining. But then out of the blue, "But it will be really good for the plants. So that is a good thing." Proud Momma moment right there. Hugely proud moment for this Moma.

You see, I am kind of a Silver Lining kind of person. And the Man is not. Absolutely not. The opposite really. Which is hard to combat when raising a wee one. So I am so glad she whipped out the silver lining on that one, on her own.

And hopefully she will become her own kind of Silver Lining person.

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