Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring growth

Look, new growth! Isn't it great?

Doesn't it make you smile?

Don't you just love spring?

What a great testament to the circle of life.

A renewal of sorts.

A welcoming of better things to come.

What other somewhat trite thing can I say about some grass starting to grow? Because I have to tell you that this new growth is most decidedly not making me happy. Scroll down to see where this new growth happens to be doing its new growth-ing.

Yep, inside my compost bin. Dang-it! That means it did not get hot enough to kill the seeds of all the crap we put in there. And let me just say, AGAIN. I made a batch last fall and the same thing happened.

This time I decided to get smarter than the rotting matter and I called in an expert. (My mother.) She came over well equipped with her very high-tech tools and we got to it. We incorporated the stuff from last time. It had decomposed quite nicely, but was still growing things. We also put in newly mowed grass, some green waste from the kitchen and lots of dried leaves. The perfect cocktail. And it did get hot. We got over 130 for maybe 3-4 days. But obviously not long enough, and maybe not hot enough, to kill the seeds.

What is a girl to do? Seriously. I don't want to spread this stuff around as I already have a losing battle with the weeds as it is. I don't need to intentionally add more. ACK.


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