Thursday, May 2, 2013

Creating a Compelling Event

More on the topic of motivation.

 Usually if I want to get things done on a big scale I create a Compelling Event. I used to just explain it that I would throw a party but a friend shared the phrase Compelling Event with me and I just love it. So that is my new go-to.  Here are some examples: 

  • When I moved into my old house I told my girlfriend that we would have her birthday party in combination with my house warming party. She loved that idea because she didn't want it all about her. (I just don't get that. Birthdays really are just all about you. As it should be. Celebrate you, girl.) It gave me about two months to repaint most rooms, get everything unpacked and put away and start in on the decorating. I admit that in two rooms I just said the hell with it and they were bleh by party date. But I was really excited about the rest of the house and ready to show it off. Gotta have a deadline. 
  • We were having a few family parties at our house last summer and before each one I renewed my siege on The Hill. (I really have to explain this whole hill thing.) So a week or two before each event quite a lot of work was completed. Anyone else need a deadline to actually get things done?

My current compelling event is that we are having company this weekend. And I am very excited. We love these people. I love these people. This is actually one of the man's friends from college and his wife and daughter. When I met them (before daughter) wifey and I hit it off immediately. I love that. We have our own separate friendship other than just the wives of good friends. And that is awesome. I love her dearly. But to be honest I should be extra motivated to get my house in order for their visit. Wifey is amazing in her energy, motivation, togetherness and admittedly perfectionist tendencies. Her house is always together and usually spotless. Everything has a place and it is in its place, in perfect order. Really.

Let me tell you a story. When we moved into our current house I was 5 months pregnant. We got a lot of help. It was overwhelming. It really was. Wifey and husband came down from LA for the day. Seriously. They drove 2 hours to help us move. I mean really, do you have friends like that. I feel so blessed. Anyway, once everything was unloaded and in the house she looked at me and said, "Can I do your linen closet?" And she was serious. She was in her element and loving it. Every towel and sheet was expertly folded and organized and put in exactly the right spot. It was amazing. And beautiful. Not just for a linen closet, but just plain beautiful. Martha would have wept with envy. And now, not so much. Not even close. Ack. I even have a few blankets (neatly folded) sitting on the floor beside my linen closet because I can't quite fit them in. It is on my list but who knows.

So my current compelling event is their visit this weekend. And it is working. Bathrooms are done. Weird things in the kitchen are done. I have polished the toaster, the trash cans, the microwave and dishwasher, wiped down all the cabinet doors, cleaned the vent hood so far. I don't know why I chose those particular things but I think it helps to make everything look better. I have a theory that if the shiny things are shiny then most everything else is overlooked. So for me that is mirror, sink and faucet in the bathrooms. (And sometimes only the faucet.) And all the random shiny things in the kitchen (See above.) I also have this theory that if your kitchen is really clean than it kind of carries the rest of the house. Because if you think about the reverse, if you have a completely spotless house but a dirty (not just messy) kitchen it still kind of grosses me out.

Now for another perspective, the man is all about floors and specifically vacuuming. If he has vacuumed than to him the house is clean. He does not see the piles of crap on every horizontal service begging to be put away, or the dishes in the sink, or the mess on the stovetop. His shiny thing is a vacuumed floor. 

Now on to tackle the linen closet...

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