Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day ROCKED!

Mother's Day ROCKED this year. It is amazing to watch this little girl of mine grow and develop into an amazing person. Case in point, the painting below.

This is a painting of me. Done by the Bug. Isn't it great? Notice the gold streaks in my hair. And that I am wearing pants, not a skirt like other moms, because I really don't wear skirts. The sun is gorgeous and on the left side, what started out as maybe not exactly what the teacher was looking for, is a beautiful tree with a nest with eggs. Such great creativity.
And I love to see things like this. Even though the reason I am loved may not be the 'Mom of The Year' way of getting ready for school. Oh, in the drawing above, which was a warm up for the painting, I have chicken pox. Blue chicken pox. Awesome.

The Bug's teacher created a beautiful day for us. The kids went into the classroom first and we had to wait out in the hall. They were so excited. Then each one came to get their mom and escort her to her seat at the table. The paintings and other things were waiting for us. Then the kids went to get the punch and cookies and fruit. They felt so grown up taking care of things for us. And they did such a great job.

After breakfast there was a bead station where bracelets and necklaces were made for the moms.

Bug's teacher did such a great job. They had been working on things for a few weeks and the kids weren't supposed to say anything about what was going on. Bug never said a thing. But then again that isn't too surprising. She is so NOT forthcoming about what goes on in school. We have actually developed a game about what she does at school. And it is called Nothing. The answer to every question - what did you do at school? What did you read? What did you have for snack? What did you do on the playground? What songs did you sing? All of it comes up with a big Nothing. Now it is a game, but seriously, she gives up nothing about her day.

I cherish my painting. Not only because my bug did it with love, but because it shows how much she is developing, understanding and noticing the world around her, and because she is creating beauty.

Go Bug, you ROCK.



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