Saturday, October 8, 2011

Works of Art

So this is another Pinterest project. I am just loving that site.

This is one of our only free walls, and actually it wasn't really free. I had to oust a fish picture. The man looooooves to fish so we have fish and related things on display in the kitchen (because he also loves to cook and does most/all of the cooking) and into the family room as they are connected.

So, down came the fish picture and up went the empty frames with clips. That simple. Now we can hang all of the bug's art as it comes home from school. These are the first things home from preschool, and it is only the second week. They will go into whatever frame fits the size via the binder clip. So easy. And the frame on the bottom and the top can also be switched to hang the other direction if needed. I think we were studying red this week....

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  1. That frame idea is a great one!
    At first I thought it was your art in progress and then realized....oh, its Grace's. you could put yours next to hers too, where you share a wall of art together. :)
    xo loving your blog. ahhhh france.


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