Wednesday, October 26, 2011

France Day 5

Monday, October 3, 2011

So the day started as the others, rolling out of bed around 10:30 or so. Man we are getting a lot of sleep. I have been starting a book around dinner and then staying up to finish it, but that has only been 11 pm or so. Earplugs have been key for sleeping.

Our grand plan for the day was to see monkeys, eagles and a castle. With our late start we went for the castle first. And last. Chateau du Haut-Koenigsbourg.

Wow, that was a lot of walking, and a lot of up hill and a lot of stairs. All which tuckers my mom out. She has to stop often to catch her breath. So it maybe took a little longer than expected. But that was fine. We plan on seeing monkeys and eagles tomorrow. The castle was very impressive. They are renovating it now but it isn't intrusive into the main areas that we saw. The views were exceptional. Especially when you get to the very top. Surpisingly coming down was all done basically at once, whereas the upward trek was spread out through many rooms of the castle. It was layed out quite well that way.

With our timing thrown off a bit we decided to go to Kayserberg, or what we have been calling it, water town. Our info said there was water running through the main part of the village. And there was. Again, gorgeous old homes, beautiful colors, vibrant flowers everywhere, small cobblestone streets.

We got there in the evening and wandered around a bit, completely forgetting that everything around here closes at like 5 or 6. Amazing. We saw a small outdoor cafe that promised crepes and by 7:15 or so even they were shooing us out. But they did deliver on the crepes. Jambon et fromage crepe for dinner and a crepe sucre for dessert. Yummy! (ham and cheese; sugar) As we were driving back to our apartment I kept asking what do these people do at night? There is no where to go. I kept expecting to see a place like a local British or Irish pub, you know, the local village hang out where you go to catch up with your neighbors. But we never saw anything like that either. Seriously, what do these people do at night?

Before hitting the water town we stopped at the truck stop. So that I could use their wi-fi. Seriously, that is the only place aroud here that has wi-fi. I'm not joking. You get 20 minutes free in their little cyber cafe inside. Pretty cool. I called my office to get the cell service on my iPad working, and used their wi-fi to check email, etc. Mom slept in the car. She can sleep anywhere. Quite a talent if you ask me.

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