Monday, October 24, 2011

France Day 3

Saturday, October 1, 2011
We are staying in a little town called Beblenheim. I think they said the population is 953. There is construction through the middle of town so we haven't been through there until today. Our lady (which is what we call the garmin) took us through town today on our way to the main highway. We headed out to a Harvest Festival in a town called Barr. We had no idea what it would be but I had hopes that it would be like one of our street fairs. It was a little. Kind of. We found the area we wanted, and found an amazing parking spot. Then made our way to a warren of beautiful old cobblestone streets lined with vendors. Kind of.

There were a few artisan sellers, we bought some wonderful handmade soaps, and some food booths. I am still craving the crepes we smelled.

But the majority of the tables were basically garage sales. Really interesting.

And the streets were gorgeous with more of the beautiful colored old houses, overflowing flower baskets from all the windows and balconies, lovely architecture. It was very cool. And we found our way back to where we started. That was an accomplishment. Viv had told a story about two of her tour ladies, sisters, who called her one evening in tears because they couldn't find their car. They had parked somewhere and wandered around the town, then had dinner. Then after dinner realized they had no idea where their car was. Viv arranged for the police to drive them around the town looking for their car, which they finally did. But that story stuck with me so I make sure we know the landmarks, and even take pictures, of where we parked to make sure we can return. I guess that was the point of her telling the story. Well it worked.

After Barr we headed up to Obernai. This was described as an old walled city with beautiful cobblestone streets. And the streets truly were beautiful. Again, winding little "roads" with spectacular buildings overflowing with color.
We drove around a bit at first, thinking the walled city would be up high. We found a war monument that offered a breathtaking view of the city and the area. It is so interesting to see how the building are arranged from a higher vantage point.

We wandered back down the hill and stopped to view the most spectacular cemetery. I know, unusual words to put together, but it was. It was amazingly large, and packed with what I assume are burial plots, or maybe tombs? Is that the right word? Remember the movie with Ashley Judd who was accused of murdering her husband, who she then finds in New Orleans? Well there is a scene in a New Orleans cemetery that looks very similar to this. There are multiple family members in the same plot. The crosses were so varied and beautiful. Some were overeflowing with gorgeous plantings, others sparse with only marble markers. Just breathtaking. I would have loved to go in to see some of the dates on the markers.

Instead we wandered the town a bit more, did a little shopping, and people watching. Mom found a bead store and it was fun to see her browse through there.

We had thought to go to Selestat to see the abbey there but it was later than we thought and moms stomach was acting up. We stopped for a demi baguette and had potato salad and sliced turkey for dinner. A very nice meal. I dove into some cheesy texas romance and stayed up until I finished it. Not too late. But still slept almost 12 hours again.

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