Friday, September 24, 2010

Work clothes

I realized I could never have an affair with any of the delivery people who come to my house.

I work from home and usually just roll right out of bed and to my office. My hair is usually up in some sort of strange knot thing on top just to get it out of the way. Yesterday's makeup, if there is any, has long since been smeared or rubbed off. Except of course for the lovely mascara eyes I wake up with. I grab whatever sweatshirt and comfy pants I can find. And I usually have on those super soft blanky type socks. And nothing matches, is absolutely not flattering, and often a little worse for wear. I think some appropriate adjectives might be - shlumpy, slightly unkempt, scary, etc.

And all of this reality hits just as I am reaching for the door handle. If I am lucky I get in a swipe under each eye before blasting my lovely morning breath on the unsuspecting bearer of presents on the other side.

Thank god we don't have video conferencing. And I am outlawing skype on my computer.

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