Monday, September 20, 2010

My sewing room (to be)

This is actually just one element. Mark is building a murphy style bed against one wall. And here it is in all its glory!

My craft/sewing room is also our only guest room. But the Queen size bed takes up too much floor space, and the reality is that I sew more often than we have guests. But when we do have guests we like to do it up right. So now we will be able to do both so much better.

So the big plan is the fold up bed surrounded by shelves and storage on one wall. And a corner shelf and storage system opposite that. With a built in desk/surface for my sewing machine or whatever else I might need at the time. Then on the bottom of the bed that becomes basically a wall when it is up, we will have a drop down shelf. Of some kind. Most likely. Whatever. The point is that it has started - yeah!

In our design phase we really tried to work in too many things. One goal was that Mark was going to build me a fancy sewing table kind of like this one. And that was going to slide into the corner or somehow fit within the shelves and then slide out and either have flip up sides for actual quilting, or move over to the flip down shelf on the bed, or some such thing. I'm kind of one of those, hey, let's just get started and we'll see how it ends up. That is so not Mark's style. But I asked for the bed part for my birthday, so work has started. And then we will see how it ends up. I know it will be beautiful!

We are doing (who am I kidding?) He is doing a horizontal style. We haven't figured out the details for the front but we do know it will all be painted white. As will all the trim in the room. I love white trim. And all these shelves and cabinets will have trim and moldings to make them look even fancier.

Some times you just need to get started. That is a lot like quilting isn't it? You can get so tied up in the planning of every little stage, or overwhelmed by how much you need to do, so that you never actually start. But once you do start, it all seems to flow so much better. Even if you have to make some adjustments, it just feels so much better to be actually doing.

So here is to doing. Thank you Mark!

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