Monday, April 16, 2012

A bit of wandering

One of the most fascinating things about the internet for me is the path you sometimes take. So here is mine this evening. Bear with me. (Is that the right bear? or should it be bare? No, I think it is correct. Oh, the many quandaries I face. See, more wandering.)

I check into Facebook every once in a while and try to get caught up. Luckily I don't have that many friends that post so I can go every few days and still feel somewhat current. One of my friends shared a link to a blog where you can get a free 8x8 Shutterfly photo book. This definitely caught my eye. I need to put our France pictures into a photo book and just haven't done it yet. So, I click the link and it tells me to click this link (must use this one) and you sign into your account, or create a new one, and you get a credit on your account for the hard cover, 20 page, 8x8 photo book. So I did it. Cool.

Then I started to work on the photo book and realized I had 1300+ photos to go through and wouldn't it be great to start with the ones that I posted on my blog. I mean, I had edited to get to those so I knew they were ones that I liked. Well, after some issues with getting into my flickr account I headed here, to my blog, to see what I could see. And then I scrolled through some older posts to get to the France photos and ran across my Diva Action Plan. And I have to say that out of the five items I listed, I have rocked it on 3 and done pretty well on the 4th and kind of ignored the 5th. So, with that, here is my update. (Yep, all that to get here. I told you it was wandering.

1. cooking - doing better. Maybe not cooking all the time but at least have the plan for dinner and food in the house!
2. clean house - yep, got this one. Maybe not exactly spic and span clean, but definitely presentable.
3. backyard - oh yeah, this is where I have kicked some booty. Three raised vegetable planters, a huge list of small projects completed and I AM CONQUERING THE HILL! Oh yes I am. I think I have about 1/3 of it replanted and I have a plan. That was really the hardest part. But I have it. So that is where I have been spending pretty much all of my time. All of it.
4. office - done. new desk in, things rearranged, still working on what works best in this newish space, but I get to say that I am done with this one.
5. - get in shape - not even close. Nope. And you would think with all the gardening and digging and hauling and digging and moving things around and digging I would be seeing some progress. But unfortunately we have had too many yummies in the house. And my theory is that they need to leave the house now - so I eat them all at one time. So that they are no longer in the house. (Yea, I know that doesn't really work. But that is how I roll.) So, this one will need some focus and soon. Beach weather is approaching. Yikes.

Oh, here is a sneak peak of the veggie garden. More to come later on the entire project.

Okay, now where was I? Oh yeah, find pictures from France.

Oh so easily distracted....

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