Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gift Catch Up

I didn't realize I hadn't shown all my gifts I made for Christmas. Which to be honest really wasn't that many. Or rather, it was a lot, but for a small group. I have no idea exactly when it started, but for Christmas I make a 'small' gift for the people I work with. Some of the people I work with. About 8 of the people I work with. This year it was a set of pot holders. So that is actually 16 pot holders.
In years past I made bracelets for the women, knitted scarves for the women, did a whole homemade lavendar theme gift for the women, etc. Last year I bought a christmas panel with 8 designs so I made 8 small wall hangings. I let them choose their style. I just added small borders, quilted around some of the design for effect and bound them. It seems like such a small project, and then you multiply it by 8. But if you can get started early enough, it can be done.
Each set had one pinwheel
and a variation on a disappearing nine patch.
simple backs.

I only wish I had made a set for myself.

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