Monday, May 31, 2010

VW Bus from Duct Tape

This is totally great. And this is made by my cousin. Okay, again, technically my cousin-in-law. So cool. She is an art student in PA (don't remember all the details - sorry!), and one of her projects was to make something out of duct tape. So she decided a VW. Her professor kept telling her 'bigger, no bigger" and so it is bigger. She had to set it up in her living room to finish because it was too big for the studio. Then take it apart to get it to class, then take it apart again to go to Ohio for some duct tape competition. (Something like that. I really need to listen better next time.) Those are her feet under it. Go to the link above for ohter photos.

Yeah Amy!


  1. pretty cool. I can't email you, I am on another laptop without email access. You won someting on old red barn blog! go check it out!

  2. Pretty hilarious! Wonderful creativity!


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