Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Roundabout quilt history story.

This is a wonderful historic story about quilting that I found in a round about kind of way. It is a bit long, but stick with it as the sentiment is strong.

I think it is amazing how life works some times. I work for a magazine printer. I often research different magazines and try to find out how to contact them (not for stalking reasons, strictly business here). I happen to run across a religious magazine that I would otherwise not have read (or realy even picked up for fear of being struck by lightening immediately) and saw this article. And it is National Quilting Month. (I wonder if they know that.) So many coincidences come together so nicely some times. (Okay this one really doesn't register that high on the weird coincidence meter, but still, I'm working with what I've got here.)

I've got a really good coincidence story. I'll be back with that one. I have to get back to work. (Yeah me.)

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