Thursday, March 11, 2010

Disappearing Figgy Nine Pudding Patch - or something like that

I am finally catching up on posting about some of my Christmas gifts - that I made, not that I received. Well, actually this picture is one I made for myself but I made one from the same fabric for my Aunt. (Okay, really she is my husband's Aunt. Can I call her mine? How does that work? Is she an Aunt-in-Law, or something absurd like that?)

I got the idea from this post way back last spring. (in true p.s. i quilt fasion i really need to loose the caps key from my keyboard.) i know this has been around and do you know how i know this? i was going through my sewing room, attempting to clean and i ran across a Quilt in a Day pattern called the Tossed Nine Patch which is basically the same thing, right? (getting rid of the caps key is very difficult for me, obviously.)

i have found lately that i am enjoying making things up as i go. i do like having a place to start, like the d9p. and then seeing what i can make from that. i think i am trending to modern quilting. and i am good with that.

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