Monday, March 22, 2010

Alphabet Letters

I love blogs! Truly. I have gotten so many fabulous ideas and created some great projects, from lurking in blog land.

Last fall I ran across this post about quilted alphabet letters at the cutest blog - Happy Together. I thought - hmmm, I could do that for my bug. And then I thought - I could do that for the play group, and a cousin, and another friend. Pretty soon I was up to 7 sets of letters. That is 182 letters people. And it was great!

All of the kids loved them. And it really wasn't that bad to make so many. I did a few sets at a time. But I did learn a few things. Let me share. I did use batting as a layer and I highly recommend that versus just the front and the back. I spray basted mine after the first set was pinned. Well worth it - so much easier. I used chenille from an old robe on 2 sets, denim on the three boys sets, a fuzzy minky like fabric from a thrift store robe on 1 set and then flannel on the last set. All worked out great for the backing. The flannel was the easiest and still turned out great. I did not clip my edges and they frayed very nicely. I did the outline and then a few echo lines within the letters. Until the last two sets. By then I was tired so I just did the outline quilting. And I have to say, I think I like just the outline the best.

So when I do the numbers I think I'll just do the outline. :-)


  1. Those are fantastic!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. And great point about draining the blown eggs.

  2. These were the best gift Jenna received. She loves to look at all the different fabric designs. I like them because they are nice and big.


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