Saturday, January 12, 2013

Field Trip!

Yep, we had a preschool field trip. We walked down the street from the school to the local fire station. I think I (and some of the other parents) were more excited than the kids. It was a very fun day.

We were very lucky as one of the boys in our class has a dad and an uncle who work at this station. And they were the ones to give us the tour and tell us all about firefighters, 911, safety, tools, and so much more.  I really liked how they did this presentation. They talked about what to do if you need help, who to call, why you should call 911 and for what, and they did it all on their knees or sitting so that they were at the same level as the kids. A small thing but I think it really makes an impact. Then we toured the firehouse and saw where they lived and hung out. Once we got out to where the trucks were they went through a lot of the tools on the truck. Did you know that a fire truck is basically just an enormous tool box? I am quite jealous of all their tools and the cool ways they keep them. Some good organizational tips to be learned there.

One of the key things that they did was talk about all of the gear they need to wear when fighting a fire. So Wes kept talking as he was putting on all of his equipment. He asked if each items was scary before he put it on and got a little sillier with each addition. Once he had everything on he did actually look quite intimidating and his voice was altered because of the mask. So he crawled around with the kids and said this is probably what he would look like if he had to come get them in fire. He wanted to make sure they knew who he was and that it was just gear. They all goofed around a bit before he changed. I truly hope none of these children ever need to be rescued from a fire, but I am so grateful for how this was handled to put them a bit more at ease.

Then the kids got to spray a fire hose! So cool. But the bug was not interested. Oh well. I have done that and those things are really powerful. A fun day had by all.

As an aside, it must be a requirement that firemen are attractive. What is up with that? Oh, right when you come up to the door of the firehouse you see a sign that says the following: Push the button for a Fireman. Wow, if it were only that easy.

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