Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Memory Jar

I browse through Pinterest and love what I come across. Many of the things really inspire me. I don't pin clothing ideas, or things I want to buy, or a lot of way out things. Most of what I have on my boards is stuff I actually want to do. And I am moving through that list.

Take the Memory Jar. The description was along the lines of 'write down memories throughout the year and then read them on New Year's Eve (or maybe it ws New Year's day - whatever). So I found an old container in the box of things I have in the garage for that just in case we want to use this later type event, made some labels explaining the deal, cut some strips of paper, taped a small envelope to the outside for the strips, and VOILA!

And we have actually been using it. It sits on the kitchen counter (with way too many other things). So we see it. So we use it.

Here is a great example of what we put in there. Saturday was the 'Celebration of Life' for the man's uncle. It was actually a really nice day. And after the planned events we had some of the cousins back to our house for pizza and such. Well as we were sitting outside in the evening, as it grew dark, it grew a bit chilly. So the man went in and brought out some wraps for a few people. The bug comes out of the house a few minutes later with some of her blankets in her hands and gives them to people she thinks might need them. Unbidden. No conversation. This child is three. I am amazed by her. And proud.

Anyway, that story went in the jar. I don't know if I would remember it otherwise. And I am so glad that now I will.

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