Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great Summer Tradition

Both the man and I were raised just a few towns over from where we are now, on the coast in So Cal. We are very fortunate that the beach played a huge role in both of our childhoods. We each remember having family dinners at the beach. And while we did grow up just a block apart, and have known each other since grade school, these memories are separate. Our families didn't 'hang' together. No reason, they just didn't. But the activities were similar.

And then when the bug came along we started thinking, and realizing, just how great we had it. We love those memories. And we want the same for our girl. But then we (okay, I) realized that if she were to have those same types of memories, then it was up to us to make them happen. They weren't always just going to come along. And there wasn't really anyone else to put them in place. So sometime this summer, I think it was probably mid to late July, we started having dinner at the beach on Sunday evenings. We invited everyone. If you could make it, great. If not, see you next week. Now that it has cooled off a bit we aren't there every week. I still plan to go down a few more times before it gets too dark too early.

The funny thing is that the first few weeks we picked up KFC and brought it down. Everyone had their own great memories of getting KFC and bringing it to the beach at some point in their lives. Very nostalgic!

We stayed until sunset, then packed up some very worn out little sandy bodies and took them home to warm baths. This is me with the bug and her cousins (not telling who is who :-) ) watching the sunset all bundled up.

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