Wednesday, May 25, 2011


And I am so excited. I am a bit of a fair fanatic. You know, the local fair that has animals and flowers, and rides and carnies, and food, and jams and jellies and other made things. And the Halls of Crap! Those are my favorite. We have three big halls where all sorts of things are hawked. Basically anything As Seen On TV can be bought at the fair. It is so amusing to me.

And that is very unusual as I grew up here and I still love the fair. Most people from this area do not like it, or really just don't care. Not me! I love it! And I am slowly converting those I know into fans as well. Well, most of them.

A few years ago a friend was telling me that her boyfriend really wasn't into it so they probably weren't going to join us that year. No sweat. Well, I talked to him a few days later and he asked when we could go. Aha! Who doesn't really like it? Teasing ensued from that one.

I hate to say it but I have a few different fair stories to share. Bear with me.

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