Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to fancy up your appliqué

I did some fused appliqué trees on my Christmas quilt. And then I started blanket stitching around the ELEVEN trees and of course their bases. Now I know there are some appliqué lovers out there. And bless your souls for having the patience for loving the time it takes to finish it all off. I am not one of them. I am more of a down and dirty, get 'er done kind of project person. So to say that I was enjoying all of that would be a huge understatement. Oh, and my stitching isn't that great so I was not really contributing to the beauty of this quilt like I could have.

And then I went to Road to California and did a little shopping. Really, only a little. And stumbled across a booth that had beautiful appliqué that was finished with this gorgeous shiny ribbon type stuff. That wonder product is actually called hot Ribbon Art made by Junko.

You use a mini iron (thank you Linda) to fuse it down. And it adds just so much. My new best appliqué friend. Okay, not that I had an appliqué friend before. But I really liked the stuff. So not only did it make the job so much easier, it covered said blanket stitch, and added a little fancy to my top.

Wow, I really need to take better photos. Sorry about that....

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