Thursday, October 7, 2010

The sneeze - solution

I love to sneeze. I really get into it. A good sneeze just feels so great, one you can let your whole body experience. I think it is just one of those wonderful 'releases' our bodies provide for us. There are some 'O'bvious 'O'nes, and then some other little suprises, like the sneeze. I often get the shivers, or even giggle, after a good sneeze. Really, try it some time. Live it up.

But every now and then you need to save it for another time. Like this morning at 4am. I realized I would not get the full benefits of the sneeze, and it would wake up the 4 other bodies in bed with me - husband and 3 cats. I know, a lot isn't it? Well, this solution amazes me along with the act of sneezing itself. Put your finger across your upper lip, under your nose, and press. It works. Seriously. Try it. But only when you absolutely have to. Otherwise, embrace and enjoy your next sneeze. Enjoy the mini release.

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