Monday, November 23, 2009

Alternative Storage Option

I know that storage is a big issue for most people, and it seems even more crucial to those who sew, quilt, craft, etc. So here is a cost-free idea for storage.

I use the zippered, or snapped, heavy plastic bags/pouches that linens come in. Actually, many items come in this kind of packaging and I hate to throw them out. They were so functional to protect what I purchased, surely they can protect my projects. And the nice thing is that most of them have little pockets that hold the description of what you purchased. Turn that little slip sheet over, right down your new project and put it back in the pocket. Instant knowledge of what is in that bag.

I often just collect fabric with an idea in mind. So those will go in these containers with the 'plan' for the fabric written on the card. Just to keep me on track.

One of my favorite containers like this is what the Boppy came in when I was pregnant. (Nursing pillow - great invention!) It is big purse size, zips closed and has handles. Love it for larger projecs.

So as you are taking your purchases out of their packaging - rethink just tossing them.

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