Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh, that isn't what I was expecting.....

I need to learn how to get into the habit of posting regularly. Just add that to the list of things to do....along with figuring out how to rescue my Old Red Barn quilt. I just loved seeing it all come together for so many people. And I really wanted to be a part of that. But when I went to get my fabrics I got sidetracked by a grouping of paisley fabrics, in three colorways.

I have to admit I am not great at picking fabrics - it kind of intimidates me. So I basically announced to the room I was in at the LQS (converted house so fun rooms filled with fabrics) that I needed help. And help came to my rescue. Wow, did it ever. I think 4 or 5 women gave various suggestions, timidly at first and then when I encouraged them it truly became a group effort. We had bolts piled all around, switching back and forth to find the perfect combinations. And in the end I came away with the 12 that I needed. And I really liked how it all looked - as folded fabric sitting next to each other. But it was definitely not the bright and fun fabrics that many others were using. And that, in hindsight, is what probably 'made' the quilt for me.

I learned a few things. As I seem to do with each quilt that I make. Especially the ones that somehow did not turn out like I thought they would. Plaids are not good for me, or some stripes for that matter. Turns out I am not the best fabric cutter. And it becomes very obvious in that kind of fabric. And in this particular pattern, it becomes very obvious that I am a bit 'casual' when it comes to a 1/4" seam allowance. Wow - I had some blocks that were 11 1/2" and others that were the 12 1/2" they were supposed to be. I am now an expert at easing to make sure things line up. In the end it all turned out. I have the center finished. I think it needs a little 1" border and then the extra strips will be the outer border.

Now to just get into the habit of taking pictures and downloading them on a regular basis. I'll get to that as well. And then you can see my results. So my Old Red Barn quilt is not bad, but definitely not what I was expecting. More on that to come.

EDIT: I finally got a picture of the top, what is now just the center. And here it is. I have since made a few additions and am liking it better. But now I have to get a photo of that as well. Don't hold your breath.

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