Thursday, September 20, 2012

Evian...or naive?

 This is the water display at our Whole Foods. Yes, I said water display. And this is only the cold ones. I cannot believe there are this many options for WATER! You know, the free stuff. And there is an additional shelf below that has the 'vitamin' and enhanced water.

Although there is one cool option I have not been brave enough to try. It is up on the top right corner - black water. Yep, it is black. Says it is fresh water with volcanic ash or some such thing added. Okay, correction, the website says - Inspired by nature: blk. water is the first functional beverage that enables you to experience the power of Mother Nature�s secret weapon, fulvic trace minerals. 

 I feel odd enough buying water but the stuff we have here in Southern California just tastes awful. One of my co-workers from Kentucky was in LA with me at a show. They have some fantastic tap water. Really. He tried taking some medication with the tap water and he gagged. When he told me I had to laugh. "Didn't you see the bottles on the dresser?" I know we get a bad rap for our high falootin west coast ways, but the bottled water, that really is a necessity.

When we were paring down our household expenses after I lost my job we debated cancelling our water service. So we did a blind taste test; all of us, including the then 3-year-old bug. Hands down winner was the  stuff we get delivered in the big jugs. So that one stayed. Thankfully.

Do you remember when bottled water was first a big thing? I think Evian was one of the first we saw around here. And I remember figuring out that Evian spelled backward was...NAIVE. Telling, isn't it?

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