Saturday, August 25, 2012

Monarchs and Milkweed

I have been completely enthralled with this lately:

The milkweed I got at the butterfly garden a few weeks ago is working its magic. We’ve had lots of monarchs flying around. I plopped the plants down in the front planter with plans to plant in the back yard and then we got busy with the reunion so I haven’t relocated or put them in the ground yet. You can see the monarchs come into the yard and zero in on these plants. It is awesome. And they seem to be leaving behind little presents for us. 

We now have caterpillars of every size. They are beautiful! I am having so  much fun with this. The bug thinks its pretty cool too. 



 They grow incredibly fast. The last pencil photo was just a few days ago.

They are amazing. We have them right outside the back door now. It is harder for the monarchs to find them so we won't have as many eggs. Which is actually good because we are running out of leaves. I am leaving them here until we go through a complete cycle. I can't wait for the chrysalis and then the butterfly! Then I'll put them in the ground and probably have to get some more to keep our little colony fed.

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