Friday, November 4, 2011

France Fini!

Thanks for bearing with me on all the France posts. Now I have a little journal I can look back on to remember all that we did.

The journey home was not all that easy. We had about a 90 minute delay in Marseille. Which then put me very late for a connection in Frankfurt. So late in fact that I missed the flight. The next one was 4 hours later. (And so much for German efficiency. My bag missed that flight.) Now usually that is not that big of a deal. I travel pretty often and that kind of time frame would usually mean I could read another book, yea. In this instance, not so much. I was very anxious to get home and 4 hours put me way past the Bug's bed time so no way they could come get me. So sad. And so tired. Truly tired by the time I got home. And so good to be home.

As I was getting ready for bed the little one found me and I got such good hugs. That must mean she forgave me. (She wouldn't talk to me on the phone any of the times that I called. And I called a lot.) We got to snuggle together all night. Bliss.

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