Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fair Food Adventures

(I told you I had a few fair stories.)

So I really do get excited about the fair. And often times it is contagious. Although I think maybe initially the women of my book club were humoring me. Now I think it may be genuine, at least for some of them. The others are still humoring me. And I truly appreciate it.

So one of the joys, aside from the Halls of Crap, is the food. So many different and often unusual foods. Each year there is kind of an unveiling of the new weird food at the fair. They even do a local news report on it. (See, it's not just me.) So of course we had to try as much as we could. And it is nice splitting between 5 or 6 people, not only on the arteries, but on the wallet as well. Dang it is expensive. So here is a glimpse of our food tour last year.

This is a spiral cut potato that is spread apart on a skewer and then fried like potato chips, still connected. And of course ranch dressing to go with it. These were actually really good.

This, get ready for it, is deep fried butter. Yep. It is basically a fried churro with a huge glop of butter in the middle.

One of my favorites, chocolate covered bacon. It is surprisingly good, but you need to eat it very cold.

Action shot of the bacon.

And we got the butter and the bacon from a stand called...
The Heart Attack Cafe. Oh yes they did. They called it the Coronary Combo - catchy!

It was actually pretty funny and I' sorry I didn't get the photo, but there was an ambulance stationed right across from this stand. Coincidence, but still pretty funny.

And this was some kind of Indian Fry bread pizza type things.

We had all sorts of dessert as well but this was my favorite. Cupcakes were quite the rage last year and this is a frosting shot. Literally just a container of frosting and sprinkles.

I can't wait to see what we can find this year. I didn't even get pictures of the deep fried Twinkie, the turkey leg, the Krispy Kreme Chicken sandwich, the fried avocado, the fresh made piping hot mini donuts, and oh so much more.

(Okay, full disclosure, we didn't have a turkey leg.)

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