Wednesday, March 23, 2011

King size quilt for our room

I have decided to do a quilt for our bed. It is a king size bed. I am insane. Actually I think I am insane x2. I just finished the top on a king size Christmas quilt. Okay, maybe not just. I did finish it in January and who knows when this will actually get posted. I had wanted to get it done for last Christmas, but that wasn't happening. Instead, I am really on top of things for next Christmas. And I started and finished the other one while I am still in progress on this one. Oh well.

The color and somewhat the style is based on this quilt I did for my BFF. I made one for us too while I was at it.

It actually did go from these piles of fabric to large squares all cut out. Now to lay it out and make all the 'critical' decisions that just make me freeze in the process. Straight setting or on point? Sashing? Cornerstones? I will invariably hate it as I am putting it all together. Not happy with the look, afraid I really won't like it when it is done. But I am learning to fight through all of those weird fears and just enjoy the process of taking some pretty cool fabric, cutting into little bits, then sewing it all back together again.

I will then have to figure out what the heck to do with two king quilt make them magically become actual usable objects for our bed. Hmmm.

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